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I guess if you have scrolled down the pages and looked carefully at my portfolio, something must be really eye-catching...

I like vintage ? Sure ... I'm gonna talk about it ...

There you are, you're boiling hot ! Who is this blonde in some of my projects ? Well yes, you got it ... that's me ! (I mean... before I turn into a ginger !) But don’t see this as egocentric, I was also a retro model.
It is being a Pin-up model that has led me to become a Web Designer !

From glamorous sequined dresses to a Mac with Brackets, Filezilla and Mamp, there was a (huge) gap that I crossed with all the enthusiasm that only I have the secret to. To carry properly my retro modeling career, but in the 21st century, I had to provide very good communication on the internet. I've done it with much enjoyment, first creating the graphic designs, doing community management on social networks, and launching my website with Wordpress.

cartoon portrait de Liz par Underground Panda

Helped by my natural curiosity and my resourcefulness, my website has prospered, and my career has succeeded too, and I was even able to develop a range of printed products to be a real "pin-up" !

But that could present a safety hazard for my health ... do you see what I mean? The addiction !!! And so now here I am, my nose stuck for hours in front of my code editor, laughing at geek jokes that we are the only ones to understand !!!

So I followed multimedia graphic designer studies, and I came away graduated with congratulations of the jury ! And since then, I work as a artistic director for a fashion company in London (UK), and have developed my own freelance business, Avril à Paris.

Well, I think I have talked enough, if my work has caught your attention, drop me a line!

You can contact me if you have any project to put forward! And if you just want to say hi ... you are welcome too !